Your settings

Bricks is tailored towards customization and gives you full control over every unit used in the UI.

Your settings consist of three major areas. Your account, the interface settings, and your notification settings.


You can change your password and delete your account here. Please don't do the latter ❤.


The interface settings allow you to change pretty much any unit displayed in the UI. Missing something? Please let us know! Settings currently include (but are not limited to):

  • Gravity Unit: °Plato and original gravity.

  • Gravity unit for own measurements: If you add a gravity during a brew there is a chance you'll want to do it using Brix since because that's how your refractometer works.

  • Time units

    • For mashing (boiling duration, rest time)

    • For fermentation (how long to hold a temperature)

    • For the heating gradient

  • Unit System: You can set this to metric (most parts of the world), imperial (mostly US), or custom. If custom is selected, you can specify each unit manually:

    • Temperature: °Celsius or °Fahrenheit

    • Volume: Liters, fluid ounces or gallons.

    • Lengh: Meter or inches.

    • Weight (malts): Kilogram, gram, milligram, pounds.

    • Weight (hops): Kilogram, gram, milligram, pounds.

    • Pressure: Bar, PSI, kPa.


You can control when to be notified.

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