Adding your first BierBot Brick

  1. Copy the API-key into your clipboard, you'll need it later.

  2. Connect your BierBot Brick to power. It will create an WiFi starting 'BierBot Brick'. Connect to it using the same device.

  3. After connection you're redirected to the configuration page. Select 'Configure WiFi' at the top.

  4. Wait for the scan to finish, select your home (or brewery ;) ) WiFi, set the password and paste the API-key from your clipboard into the respective fields.

  5. Your Brick should show up automatically. If not, refresh the page after 10s.

  6. Hit 'Activate' (mandatory). Optional: change the Bricks name by clicking on it.

This process is the same (at least from 1-3) for other devices you might want to add to your brewery.

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