This is the official documentation for BierBot Bricks. As you can tell, it's currently work in progress - but you may find the already completed ones interesting.

What's this all about

The BierBot Bricks brewing software aims to help you to brew great beer. You can add different devices (a.k.a. "Bricks")

  • to control your equipment (the BierBot Brick),

  • to track your temperatures and

  • to track your gravity (TILT, iSpindel)

... over time. You can import and create recipes using our recipe editor, you can view a detailled brewing batch log after your brewday and you can invite fellow brewers to your brewery to share all of the aforementioned stuff.

Getting started

Let's say you simply want to "start brewing" and end up with a screen similar to the following. You might ask: "How do I get there?". Here's the answer:

  1. Build or buy a Brick (Easy option: Sonoff TH16 based, flexible option: Raspberry Pi).

Get involved / contribute to this documentation

If you want to help building this documentation: Please shoot us a message at hello [ad) bierbot [döt ] com. A free BierBot waits for you ;) Thanks!

Last but not least: Our privacy statement and terms.

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