Every brew that was completed using the automatic mode will be permanently stored as a brewing log so you can look up your temperature profiles, brewing duration, recipes steps and comments afterwards
The brewing logs overview screen shows you all of your past brews. You can search for past brews using the search field on the top-right corner of the table.
The brewinglogs screen.
Currently that is
    Name of the brew
    Two action buttons (
      To delete this log
      To open the detailled report
    A rating, each member of your brewery has one vote
    The brewnumber
    when the brew was brewed
    It's duration
    Wort volume boiling
    The amount of green beer
    The gravity after boiling
    and the gravity after fermentation (this will be used to calculated the ABV).
Any info that can be changed inline is denoted by a
. Just click on it, to edit it.
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