This page will show you how to integrate your RaptPill into Bricks!



  1. Log in to the portal https://app.rapt.io/.

  2. Set a "name" and a "description" as you'd like. Other parameters: are:

    1. Method: POST

  3. Payload: Copy and Paste the following:

    "apikey": "Deine ApiKey",
    "type": "@device_type",
    "brand": "rapt",
    "version": "0.0.1",
    "chipid": "@device_name",
    "s_number_wort_0": @gravity,
    "s_number_temp_0": @temperature,
    "s_number_batterypercent_0": @battery,
    "s_number_wifi_0": @rssi
  1. The last step is to activate your RaptPill by hitting "Activate".

  2. Head over to the Equipment-Section, and assign the temperature and gravity interfaces to your fermenter by drag & dropping. If you do not have a fermenter yet, create one by clicking "Create Device".

Congrats! You're done.

Where to buy your RaptPill?

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