The "Fermenter" is the right type of Device if you want to control (using BierBot Bricks) or monitor (i.e. using TILT, iSpindel, etc.) your fermentation. It supports both actively cooling and heating your fermentation vessel.


  • Electrical switches for cooling (optional). You might wonder why this is optional? Some user only track their fermentation using, i.e. an iSpindel, and do not want to actively control their fermentation.

  • Electrical switches for heating (optional). In case you use a fridge for cooling, this can be used to control heating mats that are place inside your fridge.

  • Temperature sensors (required): to monitor the temperature of your green beer / wort in fermentation. You can also add mutliple sensor values. In this case, they will be averaged. An example for this would be to have a iSpindel floating on top and a DS18B20 installed at the bottom of your fermentation tank.

  • Gravity sensors (optional): Assign gravity sensors (i.e. using a TILT (TILT™) or iSpindle (iSpindel / iSpindle) to track the progress of your fermentation. If you want to track this long term (over a week or so), be sure to launch a recipe for fermentation in the Automatik Mode as the Manual mode will only display the last couple of minutes.

Good to know

If you want to reduce the wear and tear on the compressor of your fridge, you can increase the "hysteresis" value in the "CONTROL"-Settings. Settings this to a larger value will reduce the number of times the compressor will be turned on and off significantly.

Also, if you you both heating and cooling, be sure to set the hysteresis of one of both larger than the other. Otherwise, they will work "against each other". Good values are:

  • cooling hysteresis: 0.4°C

  • heating hysteresis: 1°C

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