How to add your TILT™

We will setup a "custom API" that will enable your TILT™ to log into your Bricks account. Since the TILT™ offers a Bluetooth connection only, a bluetooth enabled device with access to the internet (WiFi, mobile 4G) has to be always in range of your TILT™. If you have a de-comissioned smartphone running iOS or Android - this should not be an issue.

You will need

  • A device in bluetooth range of your TILT™.

  • The "TILT 2" installed on your device, you can get it for free here.

  • Your API-Key as shown by the "Add Brick" Dialog. (copy this into your clipboard).

  • The target endpoint URL, which is https://brewbricks.com/api/tilt/v1

Check? Let's go:

  1. Put your tilt into a glass of water to turn it on.

  2. Open your "TILT 2" app - your TILT™ should appear.

  3. Hit the gear icon in the top left corner (see image "gear icon").

  4. Select your TILT from the List (e.g. TILT YELLOW, TILT RED, etc.).

  5. Hit "Clear" under "beer name".

  6. Paste the API from above, e.g. Ii420unaFaXKQrMfCI8T.

  7. Hit the "Save"-button right underneath.

  8. Set the "logging interval" to "15min" (the app will incorrectly show your TILT as offline otherwise).

  9. Optional: Disable "device logging" by flipping the switch.

  10. Disable "Use default cloud URL".


  12. Enable "Use custom cloud URL 1".

  13. Paste the URL https://brewbricks.com/api/tilt/v1

  14. Hit save underneath.

You can now head over to the "Bricks" Section (Menu on the left on bricks.bierbot.com) - your TILT™ should appear. Head over to the "Equipment" Section, and assign the temperature and gravity interfaces to your fermenter by drag & dropping. If you do not have a fermenter yet, create one by clicking "Create Device".


Where to buy your TILT

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