Automatic mode

The automatic mode runs your recipe consisting of multiple temperature seteps "automatically" and saves all temperatures, comments and other logs (volume, gravity) permanently.


Before you can start the Automatic mode, you need to create a recipe. If you have already done that: Great! If not and you want to know how: Head over to the creating a recipe tutorial.

Starting a brew

Brew preparation

Before the brew actually starts, we need to set some generic settings:

  • The target amout of final wort (this is only used as part of the logging for now).

  • The brewnumber: Based on your breweries next brew - automatically incremented by 1 if that's a number only.

We also need to select the used hardware for every brewing step defined by the recipe. This may vary, since not every recipe may i.e. include fermentation steps.

You can only select hardware that is ready for use. A mashtun without any heating relais configured will not work / show up here.

After you've selected devices for all brewing steps (or skipped them), you can start the brew. If you want to start the brew right away hit "Let's go!". If you want to schedule the brew, to start at a later point of time, use the "schedule start" button. This makes sense, if you want to start the brew in the morning without having to leave the bed until mash-in.

The brew

Finally - the brew starts. The brewing screen gives you every information about your process at a glance. From top to bottom:

  • At the top, the control card is located. It consists of

    • The current temperature reading (you can configure the unit in Your settings).

    • A Stop button - if you want to abort the brew.

    • A next button - that will trigger the next recipe step without checking any conditions.

    • A card showing the current state of your device (is the heating/cooling on or off)

    • A "add log" button. By default, this button will log comments. Using the arrow down, you can also add other logs such as gravity-readings, volumes, etc.

  • On the left you'll find all recipe steps for mashing and fermentation. Also, if a process step is completed (e.g. mashing, meaning all mashing step), a wrapup card will be displayed. This is a gentle reminder 😉 that is now the perfect time to add some logs such as the current gravity.

  • On the top-right all diagrams will be displayed. Different diagrams will appear as soon as the values arrive. In most cases this will be the temperature. You can zoom to a predefined range using the dropdown at the top right, or by interacting the the plot directly.

  • On the bottom-right you'll find the comments card. This card will simply display all comments you've logged using the button on the control card.

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