This page will briefly touch some of the most important terms (or concepts) used throughout our application.

"Bricks" are all physical devices at your site, no matter if a Sonoff TH with one relay and one temperature sensor, an Raspberry PI with several relays and temperature sensors or TILT, iSpindel, Hydrom, Float ... all are "Bricks" offering interfaces/capabilities. An overview over all Bricks is given here.

In the BierBot interface you then create "Equipment" - to which you then assign the interfaces/ capabilities of your Bricks via drag and drop. So for example a relay from the Raspberry Pi then becomes the heater of your mash tun. A relay of a Sonoff TH the stirrer. Another Sonoff TH can then control the cooling of your fermenter and your TILT contributes the value for the original gravity. The "equipment" has different types (mash tun, fermenter, BIAB) each with different capabilities. A mash tun, for example, has no field for original gravity and only the BIAB device allows you to configure initialization cycles for the pump. You can read more about the various equipment types support here.

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