Managing your brewery

The brewery holds all things brewing. This includes (but is not limited to):
  • Recipes
  • Bricks (BierBot Brick, electric hydrometers)
  • Equipment such as Mashtuns and Fermenters, as well as their calibration information.
  • Running brewing and fermentation processes.
  • Recipes.
If you head over to "Brewery" > "Administration" in the menu on the left, you have a couple of options:
  • At the top, you can switch between breweries - if you're a member of more than one brewery.
  • You can add a brewery logo to your brewery. Currently, that's just for yourself.
  • You can give your brewery a name.
  • You can change the last brewnumber. In case your brewnumber is purely numerical (only consisting of 0-9), BierBot Bricks will automatically increment this number for your next brew by 1.
  • The members. You can add new members by typing their name in the "Search member" input. Registered users can change their name on the profile page. Attention: All members have full access.
Managing your brewery.