Managing your brewery
The brewery holds all things brewing. This includes (but is not limited to):
    Bricks (BierBot Brick, electric hydrometers)
    Equipment such as Mashtuns and Fermenters, as well as their calibration information.
    Running brewing and fermentation processes.
If you head over to "Brewery" > "Administration" in the menu on the left, you have a couple of options:
    At the top, you can switch between breweries - if you're a member of more than one brewery.
    You can add a brewery logo to your brewery. Currently, that's just for yourself.
    You can give your brewery a name.
    You can change the last brewnumber. In case your brewnumber is purely numerical (only consisting of 0-9), BierBot Bricks will automatically increment this number for your next brew by 1.
    The members. You can add new members by typing their name in the "Search member" input. Registered users can change their name on the profile page. Attention: All members have full access.
Managing your brewery.
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