Brick 32

The Brick 32 is the official successor for self-builders for the BierBot Brick. While the BierBot Brick was based on the - no longer available - Sonoff TH 16, the Brick 32 is based on the Sonoff TH Origin. The Sonoff TH Origin was released June 2022.

To build one yourself:

How to add your Brick ESP32

  1. Go to and head over to "Brewery" > "Bricks".

  2. Click "Add Brick" and follow the instructions on the screen. Copy the API key into your clipboard.

  3. Connect the Brick ESP32 to power.

  4. Search for WiFi starting with "Brick-32-" (i.e. Brick-32-0042123) and connect to using a device of your choice (iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac). If the captive portal does not show automatically, nor a prompt to "connect", open your browser and head to "" - you'll be redirected.

  5. Provide your Wifi credentials and paste the API key from your clipboard in the respective field.

Done! Your Brick 32 should show up momentarily.

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