The "Mashtun" is the right type for mashing if you stirr your mash.

This device type also supports automatic calibration. Read Calibration to find out, what the huge benefits of calibrating your device are.


It offers three different interface types:

  • Electrical switches for heating (required)

  • Electrical switches for circulation, i.e., to control a pump or stirring using the software (optional)

  • Temperature sensors for wort temperature (required)

Settings of a mashtun

You can change the following settings:

  • "When to turn the circulation on":

    • "Always on": The stirring will be always on. Only requirement: The recipe step (in Automatic) or toggle (manual) must have circulation to be set to "turned on".

    • "Only during and after heating": This will only turn the circulation on when the heating is turned on and a configurable amount of time (in minutes) after heating was turned off.

    • "Only when heating": Like the last option, only that circulation will be turned off immediately after heating is stopped without any delay.

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