BierBot Bricks offers different device categories. Depending on the category, different interfaces are supported.

Mashtun / BIAB

The "Mashtun / BIAB" is the right type for mashing. It offers three different interface types:
    Electrical switches for heating
    Electrical switches for circulation (E.g. to control a pump or stirring using the software)
    Temperature sensors
This device type also supports calibration. Read Calibration to find out, what the huge benefits of calibrating your device are.
Image of the Mashtun / BIAB device.


The "Fermenter" is the right type if you want to automate your fermentation or lagering. You can use it to control a Unitank, fridge, freezer or even a keezer. It offers four different interface types:
    Electrical switches for cooling: This can be used to switch a fridge / freezer on/off or to open a magnetic valve from your glycol chiller.
    Electrical switches for heating: Will be turned on, if the current temperature is below the target temperature. I.e. this might be the case if you live in a cold area and want to ferment using a top fermenting yeast.
    Temperature sensors
    Gravity sensors: This allows you to track your gravity over time - e.g. using a TILT (TILT™) or iSpindle (iSpindel / iSpindle).
Image of a Fermenter
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