Creating / importing recipes

Creating and importing recipes is super easy with BierBot Bricks.

Creating recipes

Select "Recipes" on the left and click the "Create"-Button

You'll be presented with a vanilla recipe. You now have the following options

  1. Change the recipes' name (by clicking on it).

  2. Change the final wort volume (by clicking on it).

  3. Add a comment using the textarea.

  4. Add a mashing rest by clicking the big button.

  5. Changing the boiling time (by clicking on it).

  6. The primary fermentation duration will be calculated based on the fermentation steps you configured (no rocket science...)

  7. Adding a fermentation step.

  8. When you're done, you can save. (You you can undo mashing / fermentation step edits.)

Adding a mashing rest

After hitting the "Rest add" button the popup dialog showing up enables you (from top to bottom):

  • set a rest name ("mash-in", "alpha-rest", etc.)

  • Next step on

    • Time passed: Set a number of minutes the targettemperature should be held before moving on to the next step

    • Manually: The next step will never be automatically triggered. You need to manually click on the "next-step" button in the automatic mode.

  • Circulate: If you configured a circulation relay / pwm on your mashtun / BIAB you can control if the pump or stirring device will be turned on during this step.

  • Targettemperature: Set the targettemp in your configured unit.

  • Rest duration: Set the number of minutes to be waited after reaching the target temperature. This will only be shown if "next step on" is set to "time passed".

Adding a fermentation step

After hitting the "Fermentation step add" button the popup dialog showing up is pretty similiar to the mashing dialog. Key differences are:

  • If time passed is selected, the duration is specified in days (rather than minutes as when in mashing mode).

  • You can select whether this step is for primary "fermentation" or "secondary fermentation" - which will ultimately determined the "time to bottle" (which will be used in future versions of the software).

Importing recipes

You can import your recipes from other brewing recipe websites using BeerXML. To do so, simply hit the BeerXML button in the recipes section from the menu on the left

And then either click on the file-input zone or simply drag & drop your BeerXML file:

Hit "next". Since a BeerXML can contain multiple recipes, the second page will ask you, which recipes you want to import. In this case, there was only one. Let's select it and hit "Finish":

There you go: The recipe is imported:

You can go ahead and edit / tweak it like any other recipe in your recipe-book.

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