iSpindel / iSpindle

This page will show you how to integrate your iSpindel into Bricks!


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How to add your iSpindel / iSpindle

The setup with BierBot Bricks is easy and for free. You will need the iSpindle Firmware 7.1.0 or later, for details regarding firmware and their compatibility please refer the following table.


Certified / Works




  1. After Registration, select "Bricks" in the menu on the left (see 1 in the picture).

  2. Hit the blue "Add Brick" button in the top right corner.

  3. Select "iSpindel" in the popup and copy the displayed API key into your clipboard.

  4. Now open the configuration portal of your iSpindel (by pressing reset multiple times, see portal for more info).

  5. Select "Bricks (free & easy)" as service (see 2 in the image).

  6. Paste the api key from your clipboard into the "Token/ API key" field and hit the blue save bottom at the bottom.

  7. Now go back to and select "Bricks" in the menu on the left - your iSpindel should appear momentarily. Note: If you have a PRO account you can re-configure the transmit interval using the iSpindel-Bricks settings. Per default, the interval is controlled by our backend.

  8. Now, open the menu and hit "Equipment" (see 3 in the image).

  9. Create a new device (blue button, top right corner), select "Fermenter" in the popup.

  10. Now assign the gravity sensor from the iSpindle to the respective field of your fermeter by drag & dropping - the respective target dropzone on your fermenter will be highlighted green to guide you. You can do the same for your temperature sensor, but this is optional.

  11. Hite "Save".

  12. To start recording, we will also need a recipe. Go to "Recipes" on the left and create a recipe. You only need to setup one (dummy) fermentation step. Save the recipe and go back to the list of recipes. Start your recipe by clicking the orange play button. Read more about how to start a brew here: Automatic mode.

Settings of the iSpindel

The iSpindel offers a lot of custom settings. Some of them require a PRO membership:

  • Gravity: Set the unit of the gravity reading as transmitted by the iSpindel.

  • Overwrite polynom: If activate, the gravity reading from your iSpindel will be ignored. Our backend will calculate the gravity for you based on the tilt reading of your iSpindel - which is transmitted by default.

  • Polynoms: Allows you to set the polynoms in case you enabled overwrite. This has the advantages that you don't need to have physical access to your iSpindel or login into the firmware to change it. Be careful: Wrong polynoms can yield high gravity readings which will be automatically filtered out. For your reference, here are the values we're using:

    • Quad (tilt^2): 0,007136580659515083

    • Linear (tilt): -0,16104368844888492

    • Constant: -0,1784570194026703

  • Set custom logging interval (requires PRO): Overwrite the default logging interval of your iSpindel. This is effective after the next request without the need for phyiscal access to the iSpindel.

  • Calibration: You can calibrate your temperature reading by setting constant offsets.

Firmware Binaries

Binary downloads only are here for backup purposes. Always check the offical releases on the iSpindel-Repository or compile them yourself.

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