Setting up your first mashtun

You've connected your first Brick to your brewery? Great! Next step is to assign its interfaces - most likely a relay and a temperature to a device.


To able to setup a mashtun, you need a Brick connected to your brewery. If you did not already do that, head over here.

Creating a mashtun (fermenter, etc.)

The process is the same for pretty much every device. We'll use the mashtun as an example.

  1. Select "Equipment" in the side navigation.

  2. Click the "Create device" button the respective card.

  3. A dialog will apear, asking which type of device you want to create. Select "Mashtun / BIAB". If you want to know what's the logic behind it, check out this page.

  4. A empty Mashtun / BIAB device will appear. Let's discuss what you see:

    • A title saying "Mashtun / BIAB". You can rename your device by simply clicking on it. This is handy if you have multiple mashtuns.

    • A outlined button saying "Control" (with an slider icon). You can change the PDI-controller settings here - or let the automated calibration feature do the job for you (which is recommended).

    • A "Heating" section, displaying a "dropzone" denoted by something that looks like a open switch.

    • A "Circulation" section, displaying the same dropzone. We also need a relay to control our pump (BIAB) / stirrer (else) after all.

    • A "Temperature sensors" section, displaying a dropzone denoted by a thermoemeter icon.

  5. We now want to assign the

    1. the relay of our Brick to the "heating" of our mashtun

    2. the temperature sensor of our Brick to our mashtun

  6. We do this - and that is the catch - by drag and dropping! This is shown in the image below.

  7. After your done, dont forget to hit the SAVE button!

  8. Aaand: you're done.

You can proceed by putting your mashtun to work, e.g. by creating / importing a recipe and starting a recipe or controlling the temperature in manual mode.


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